Choosing the right type of suitable adhesive for each material is essential and it is a very important matter that will decide the outcome of your work. At Indumarsan we put all of our effort into ensuring that the result of our vinyl and Hot Melt glues is as high quality as possible. That is why, having amassed twenty-five years of experience we have a presence in the markets of four continents.

Vinyl glue also known as water based glue is a liquid, white coloured adhesive. You can apply it to a multitude of materials such as: wood, paper, cardboard and fabric. It is used a lot for the binding of spines and other stationery items, for all kinds of graphic arts (digital albums, photography, cases, varnished paper, etc.) and for furniture manufacturing. Its application works best on porous materials. Drying takes approximately one hour, however to attain maximum fastening you will need to wait up to twenty-four hours.

Despite bring a white substance, when it dries it will have a transparent finish therefore it will give a perfect end result to your work. This type of adhesive is suitable for applying to surfaces that will be either indoors or outdoors that require D3 or D4 adhesives.

Vinyl glue has great advantages: it is non-toxic, it is washable and easy to clean and you can change the position of the pieces to be glued whilst the adhesive is still wet.

It is very easy to use as you simply need to apply a fine layer of the product to the surface, adjust the pieces you wish to stick and press as you apply.

At Indumarsan we put all of our daily work into ensuring that our clients are one hundred percent satisfied. That is why we offer competitive prices always providing products with the best quality on the market. We would be delighted to assist you via any of our channels for any doubts that you have with our services.