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Types of industrial adhesives

Do you want to know what kind of adhesives there are in the market? Choosing the right glue for each job will make a difference in the final result.

In Indumarsan we have a wide range of industrial adhesives that adapt to all kinds of activities to help you obtain a professional result.

Our adhesive products are high quality fruit of extensive experience in the sector. We have the best technologies and the best professionals to offer a high-end product and thus help you take care of the details of your work.

How are the different types of adhesives different?

When we are going to choose between the different types of glues we have to examine their characteristics well and think if they adapt to what we are looking for.

To choose between the different types of industrial adhesives you have to keep in mind the following issues:

productos adhesivos

What kind of work is going to be done?

It is not the same to bond fabric, wood or carton. Each material has a type of adhesive that is perfect for the best result.

The types of adhesives that Indumarsan can offer you to perform each job are:

▷ Water based adhesives for wood: for this material the vinyl glue stands out for excellence. Although when it is applied it is white when it dries, it remains a transparent color, so there is a fine and professional result. Also EVA adhesives for edging, profiles and lamination. Or in the upper range we have PUR polyurethane base adhesives for the same applications as EVA.

The best type of rubber adhesive is the Hot Melt Rubber or PSA. This hot melt glue is quite powerful even in dry due to its great residual tack. Good adhesion on endless supports or materials.

▷ Glue for exteriors: it is in these cases when choosing an industrial adhesive is more important than ever. The humidity and the inclemencies climatic make difficult the effectiveness of the results that can be obtained.

For this type of work we recommend you when the work is done in hot melt adhesive Pur Hot Melt an industrial glue with a very high resistance to climatic changes or extreme temperatures. In water base we also have the bicomponent vinyl dispersions, rated D4 as moisture resistance, the largest possible so far. Or EPI adhesive.

▷ Special adhesives for packaging: for this type of work, precision prevails. The type of adhesive that best suits this type of work is the Hot Melt Metallocene / Polyolefin. They offer excellent thermal resistance, they do not produce carbon in the equipment or threads when they are applied. They have a low density so they offer higher performance and a reduction in the amount applied. Other products with more economic result are EVA hot melts.

Natural adhesives or with chemical products which one to choose?

The adhesives of natural origin are those that are extracted from existing resources such as plants or animals. Jelly glue is the most commonly used, along with starch or dextrin derivatives.

They are glues that have been used throughout history but that have been clearly advanced by chemical glues more suitable for industrial jobs that require more power.

Some of its advantages include that they provide a fast adhesion and are ecological so they do not pollute.

These types of adhesives are recommended in binding and box-covering jobs.

If you need us to help you select the most suitable one, do not hesitate and contact us.