Hot Melt EVA rubber

Would you like to bet on PSA hot melt for the manufacture of adhesive tape? From Indumarsan we can help you, offering you products of the best quality with which you will obtain professional results.

They are used for different uses such as: health and hygiene products, adhesive tapes or labels of all kinds.

What are the characteristics of PSA adhesives?

Initial adhesion: This is the immediate adhesion of the label when it comes into contact with the substrate. A label with a high initial adhesion will quickly attach to the substrate. A low

initial tack label will have a low level of adhesion when first applied and can be removed cleanly.

Final Adhesion: It is the adhesion final or maximum that the label will reach when the adhesive penetrates into the substrate. The time required to achieve adhesion final may depend on the shear of the adhesive, the roughness of the substrate and the ambient temperature. Settling time may vary from 2 to 24 hours, depending on conditions. Initial accession and final accession are not necessarily related.

Shear Strength: A measure of the internal cohesion strength of the adhesive. The shear of the adhesive is an indication of the softness of an adhesive. A low (soft) shear adhesive has a

greater tendency to flujo (resulting in higher initial adhesion) and has a greater likelihood of

the adhesive separating under tension. A high shear adhesive (firme) has a lower probability of separating under tension due to its high internal cohesion strength, and will have a lower

probability of fluir (possibly lower initial adhesion).

One of the keys to the success of pressure sensitive adhesives is that they manage to maintain the balance between adhesion and cohesion. In other words, it sticks to the substrate quickly by simply applying pressure and effectively penetrates the pores of the substrate in such a way that adhesion is permanently maintained.

Hot Melt PSAs are used on all types of surfaces exposed to different conditions. Therefore, one of the characteristics that we cannot overlook is the resistance to ultraviolet rays of the pressure sensitive glue.

What types of adhesives are found inside PSA hot melt adhesives?

Within the Hot Melt PSA we differentiate different types according to the use to which it is going to be destined. In this way, each pressure-sensitive adhesive acquires its own specific characteristics.

PSA Label Adhesives

One of the applications of the PSA glue are the labels, in any field, from food and beverages to massage or logistics. .

The own characteristics of this type of industrial glue are:
Great adhesiveness to different substrates.

  • They allow you to design labels with quality designs and different materials. In such a way that professional and clean results
  • Allow indirect contact with food
  • They are resistant to moisture and
  • Can be removed at any time

PSA Adhesives for Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive tapes are one of the protagonists in the use of Hot Melt PSA. The features that make this possible are:

  • Excellent adhesion
  • Adhesion to different surfaces
  • Low fogging and gas release
  • Good anchorage to apolar substrates

PSA adhesives for sanitary materials

This pressure sensitive adhesive is particularly delicate as they have direct or indirect contact with the skin.

The characteristics that pressure sensitive adhesives in this category must have are:

  • Careful selection of raw materials
  • Tested for skin contact

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