Latex is obtained from the sap taken from the rubber tree. This material is characterised above all by its great elasticity that results it very fruitful adaptation to the environment. Both properties form a material that is both tough and flexible.

It is widely used in the production of mattresses and other comfort products such as cushions and pillows. This is the case thanks to the fact that breathability is another of its most outstanding traits. In addition to all of this, one of the properties that ensures latex is used extensively in the mattress industry is its undeformable nature and its durability.

Latex is used to produce more than forty thousand different products in all sectors, for example in the health industry and the textile industry.

At Indumarsan we can offer you a wide range of Hot Melt adhesives so that you can choose the one that best suits your business needs. Our company is characterised by offering the best materials at a competitive price and ensuring that you receive the goods as soon as possible.

All the products we manufacture go through rigorous quality control procedures carried out by our specialists and comply with the FDA indirect food contact regulations. We have been offering our customers personalised service for more than twenty-five years.

Hot Melt adhesives are the most suitable for gluing all types of products made from latex thanks to their characteristics.

They are one of the most used products in the industrial sector thanks to their efficiency, quality and price. They are industrial adhesives that are very easy to apply and store. They are in a solid state at ambient temperature and at Indumarsan you can find them in various different formats and colours. They melt in order to perform their adhesive function when subjected to high temperatures. The range of temperatures for softening can vary depending on the type of Hot Melt or its format. For further information about our range of catalogue products, contact us via any of our channels for one of our specialists to offer you advice.

The main properties that a good adhesive for latex must have are as follows:

  • It must have a strong grip. Due to their chemical composition, rubber hot melt adhesives or HMPSA as they are more commonly referred to in English, have an excellent grip. It will attain an end product that offers great reliability and durability.
  • Elasticity is another crucial aspect of this type of materials. Thanks to the thermoplastic materials it is made from we manage to give this type of adhesive a special elasticity that cannot be achieved with any other type of adhesive on the market.
  • Lastly, the quick solidification time of the Hot Melt adhesives, makes them the star product among industrial adhesives. In just a few seconds you will obtain total drying that will avoid possible defects to the end product. Thanks to this crucial factor, it will also save time and consequently production costs.