One of the main characteristics of this these types of adhesives is their capacity for strong and instant sticking. Their solid state before application makes them easier to handle and store. This is an ideal product for industrial use.

The Hot Melt adhesives industry has grown considerably over the years as they have been one of the best options for joining pieces or substrates that require the best resistance.

These types of adhesives supply an extensive and varied range of different markets.

Within graphic arts and binding they are used a lot in printing presses for the production of books and magazines, to create photo albums and to manufacture and produce paper bags.

types of hot melt

These hot melt adhesives are also used a lot in all kinds of industries and companies that carry out packaging. Some of their uses in this field are cases, box-forming, tax strips, farm product crates, for laminating or on corrugated packaging.

In all matters relating to labelling, Hot Melt adhesives are also used extensively thanks to their great versatility and their capacity to be applied to different types of surfaces such as glass and plastic. Also, they are a really good option for this use due to their resistance to environmental conditions such as temperature and moisture.

Another of the main uses of these materials is in the furniture and mattress industry. It can be used with very good results for fitting plywood and laminates. Also, it is an ideal option for sticking foams and coatings.
Last, but not least, is the personal care and sanitary sector, which encompasses the production of nappies and sanitary towels, plasters and dressings.

Featured Uses of Hot Melt