Are you looking to buy thermofusible silicone bars? At Indumarsan we have high quality hotmelt glue sticks that will guarantee you the best results in your work.

The main feature of this glue stick is that it is presented in solid format and needs heat for use. Therefore, it should always be used with a glue gun.

Thermofusible silicone bars are often used for DIY work in the home, although sectors such as the furniture industry or paper and cardboard handling have firmly opted for the hot melt glue stick.

What are the advantages of thermofusible silicone bars?

Without a doubt, the main advantage of this type of hot glue is that it is very easy to use, non- toxic and odourless. That is why it is preferred for domestic use in crafts and different plastic arts.Another point in favor of thermofusible silicone bars is that they are very versatile so they adapt to all types of work. They can be used on any surface such as: paper, metal, wood, plastics and cardboard.The results are very discreet, although if you want you can buy them in yellow or white for other types of work.

The joint provided by this hot-melt glue is both resistant and elastic. This is due to the fact that they are made of thermoplastic materials so that when cooled they do not suffer changes in their chemical structure.

Always used with hot glue guns, thermofusible silicone bars provide high precision. Therefore, they are recommended for thorough work.

What are the components of thermofusible silicone bars?

The main components of thermofusible silicone bars are:

  • EVA
  • Polyamides
  • Copolymers

Depending on the type of material to be glued, one colour or another of hot melt glue stick should be chosen.

Transparent hot-melt glue sticks are special for ceramics and plastics. The yellow ones are the preferred ones in the furniture sector and the white ones are more suitable for cardboard, fabric or leather.

It depends on the type of work to be performed; if it is for industrial use or for use in do-it- yourself or handicrafts, one type or another is recommended.

On the other hand, the temperature at which it is melted will always range between 120º- 190º depending on the size of the thermofusible silicone bars and their components.

Why buy thermofusible silicone bars from Indumarsan?

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