Animal Gelatin

Do you know what animal tail is? It is a type of industrial glue of organic origin that is extracted from the collagen of the skin of some mammals through hydrolysis.

Years ago it was used on a large scale, but today it is used more specifically for paper handling. Its good adhesion, elasticity and reversibility make it the carpenter's glue par excellence when it comes to antique furniture.

What are the advantages of animal tail?

The most common sectors in which animal glue is present in their work are: the publishing sector (for book binding and book cover glue) and the packaging sector for box wrapping and flat gluing.

Its low consistency compared to petroleum-derived hot melt adhesive and its fast physical curing process compared to water-based glues make it more advantageous for some production processes in these industries.

If there's one thing that stands out about this animal glue, it's the speed of gelling. Professional results can easily be achieved in seconds.

How is animal tail used?

In Indumarsan we have animal tail in thermofusible tablets. In other words, they melt with heat and fulfil their adhesive function. It is important that the glue never comes to the boil as it will lose all its adhesion function.

The tablets are cut into smaller portions, moistened and melted mixed with water. Therefore, this type of animal glue is used in hot once it has been prepared.

The areas or parts where they are applied must be completely clean, free of dirt and other adhesive residues. The animal glue is spread with a small brush, the gluing process should be fast as this glue hardens at high speed.

The remains of this natural glue are removed by soaking the surface in warm water and then scrubbing it with an abrasive sponge.

Why buy animal tail at Indumarsan?

In Indumarsan we constantly strive to obtain the best results and thus offer the customer quality products.

We have extensive experience in the sector and we surround ourselves with the best technologies and professionals.

If you have any questions you can count on our help. From Indumarsan we can advise you which is the industrial glue that will offer the best results in the type of project you have in your stands. Contact us.