Our company

Our quality and our refusal to use fillers in our adhesives make us perfect for the most demanding glue injection machines.

INDUMARSAN focuses on quality by checking the different characteristics of our range of water-based adhesives. Each product in our range of hot-melt adhesives undergoes rigorous quality checks and complies with the FDA indirect food contact regulations.

Our fundamental purpose

Our commitment stems from our efforts to get the best results in everything we do to offer the customer the best quality end product.

We have an integrated work process which not only includes the ends but also the means. We strive to employ the best technologies and professionals, making sure our internal procedures are as efficient as possible.


Quality products

A product range including all types of top quality adhesives to satisfy the needs of the current market.

No distributors

This allows us to always offer our customers factory prices.

Personal service

No minimum quantities and order picking to respond to your needs and opportunities.

Delivery times

Delivery times shorter than those of our competitors.